The 'Smart Home' is a Myth

Today's 'smart home' isn't smart at all... it relies on a highly-technical person to program it. Omni senses and learns you, your family... even your pets. Over time, Omni learns your individual preferences and schedules, and pre-configures the environment (lighting, security, temperature, audio, visual) before you walk through the door.

omni render exploded

Not your typical light switch...

The Omni Platform is a network of light switches installed throughout your home. Each Omni light switch is an advanced sensor package. The Sensor Touch model, shown here, detects motion, ambient light, temperature, humidity, vibrations and listens to the environment around it to respond accordingly.

The Omni switch network tracks the location of personal devices (smart phone, smart watch, smart pet collars) as they move throughout your home. From this information, Omni learns your routines and, with your approval, will “prepare” each room to your unique preferences before you walk in the door.

Whole-Home Lighting Control

Whole-Home Safety and Security

Whole-Home Smart Device Integration

Universal Remote Control for Music/TV

Simply Smart.

Over time, Omni recognizes patterns in the routine of you and your family... even your pets. As Omni gains these insights you will begin to receive notifications, prompting you to provide a simple Yes or No response.

Omni programs itself,
Then pays for itself.

Omni knows who is coming and going and who is home at any given time. While the home is empty, Omni will ensure that your lighting, thermostat and other smart devices are in an optimal power-saving mode.

omni smart

Product Features

Lighting Control

All Omni devices include integrated light dimmers. Brightness levels can be varied by an individual switch or grouped with others into scenes.

Home Security

Omni also provides security right out of the box. With built-in motion sensing and the ability to listen for glass breaking, Omni will begin protecting your home immediately.

Sound Detection

Omni is always 'listening' to the environment in and around your home. Omni can trigger events or notifications, based on sounds that Omni can identify. Examples include: glass breaking, a baby crying, a dog barking, doorbell ringing, appliance beeps or clicks, etc.

Universal Remote

The Omni mobile app acts like a universal remote control for your home. Omni knows your location when using the app and presents you with controls (lighting, ceiling fan, music, tv, temperature, etc) to the devices around you.


Do you have a favorite music service or a device you just don’t want to give up? That’s not a problem. Omni integrates with a wide variety of third-party products.


While you are away, Omni automatically configures lighting and smart devices in your home to an optimal, energy-efficient mode.

Approximate size of the US Smart Home market currently. (source)

Expected CAGR (annual growth rate) of the Smart Home market over the next 5 years. (source)

Expected size of US Smart Home market size by 2024. (source)

Cost per square foot for lighting control alone! (source)

Cost per square foot for Omni (lighting, security, and control system)

Meet The Team

Omni wouldn't exist without this amazing team of engineers, scientists and advisors.

This isn't smoke and mirrors... it's real.

We built a 500 sq ft. showcase at the Indiana IoT Lab, dubbed the #SmartestHome. Contact us to schedule a demo!

Indiana IoT Lab

Check out our partners below - this wouldn't have been possible without their support.

Simple and Affordable

MSRP unit pricing. Ultimately, you can blanket your entire home or apartment for ~$1 per square foot.
(i.e. $3,000 for a 3,000 square foot home)

omni basic touch

Basic Touch

$ 75 /unit

  • Remote Control
  • Dimming Light Switch
  • Gesture Control
  • Lighting Presets
omni sensor touch

Sensor Touch

$ 150 /unit

  • Same as Basic, plus:
  • Motion sensing
  • Ambient Light sensing
  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Sound Detection
omni display touch

Display Touch

$ 195 /unit

  • Same as Sensor Touch, plus:
  • OLED Display
  • Battery Backup
  • Cellular Radio (optional)

Monthly Subscription

Below are the monthly subscription packages. Omni provides a 6-month trial of the 'Smart' package for every new customer.



  • Mobile App
  • Basic Lighting Control
  • Basic Security


$ 15 /month

  • Simple capability, plus:
  • Machine Learning
  • Security Push Notifications


$ 30 /month

  • Smart capability, plus:
  • 24/7 security monitoring
  • Cellular backup

"65% of buyers will pay more for homes equipped with smart home technology." -Coldwell Banker

Pre-Seed Investment Round

We’re currently inviting investors to participate in a pre-seed round that will enable us to bring this vision to life. While we have developed functional prototypes, we need additional investment to build our product for scale... to identify and begin working with a contract manufacturer... to take our product through UL-approval... and produce an initial batch for model homes and early bird sales. We have several builders signing up to promote our solution once approved.

omni investor pitch deck

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